Today I decided to go thru the modest collection of EZ-135 and Zip-100 drives that I still have. Yesterday's work getting the PowerMac G4 on a clean copy of Tiger made this relatively easy to attack, but it was still surprisingly slow and aggravating. There's a reason this old machine had a hardware reset button that would instantly reboot the machine whenever you needed it, and I must've poked it a dozen times today. And then there are the other two or three dozen times I used the software reboot. [Read more…]
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Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 2:23am Epic Backup Project, Volume I: 3.5'' Disks
I'm in the middle of a backup project to (hopefully) end all backup projects. I noticed at one point this spring that you could buy a 6T drive for 0. This is enough room for me to fit all the backups of all other backups on this one drive, and I could then back that backup on my other previous backup drives. This is not a mentally healthy activity, except that it's making me finally get rid of this neurotic wonder I have about what things I do and do not have backed up over the last several decades of computer use.

There are many ridiculous details to this journey, but I'll just mention one here: How I finally got all my 3.5" disks backed up. [Read more…]
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Wed, Jan 18, 2012, 4:09pm Engine and Domains Update
Ok, not that anyone is the wiser, but I'm finally going to rebuild my web template engine / protocol for HTML5. A relatively minor change from the XHTML protocol, but it's also a nice reason to include better handling of javascript, css, mobile devices and some better RESTful methods. Since I'm steeped in Python lately, I'll probably make an engine in that for now, followed by Ruby and F-Script and whatever else strikes me.

But more importantly, I have changes I've been putting off for forever to most of my domains. For one thing, I have to reorganize what domains are doing what. I want to overhaul the OS X Page. I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do with it, so suggestions welcome. I also own CocoaDevWorld and iPhoneDev. I have a Code section to this blog that perhaps should be in one of those other places. And the OS X Apps list? The old version is essentially in archive mode, but there is reason to have an alternate non-MAS listing out there. I don't foresee a MAS-only Mac OS on the horizon (or, if it happens, … that would be a disaster), so there'll always be a need to know what other software is out there. [Read more…]
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Haven't blogged in a while. Hi. Long, hot, crazy summer. Now that summer is cooling off, the next big thing coming up for me is the iPhone/iPad DevCon happening in San Diego on the 27th of this month. I'm both looking forward to it and terrified of it, as I've volunteered to do two talks there. Seemed like a great idea 3 months ago, but now that it's just around the corner, … trying to get organized and make a good set of slides.

My talks will be aimed at people who are new to either subject. One is on blocks in Objective-C, and the other is on scientific programming, but it's going to be primarily aimed at introducing people to the Accelerate framework. These are both subjects that I wanted to get better at this summer, which was part of why I chose them. I'm going to be doing a mini talk on the Accelerate framework this Tuesday (Sep. 14th) at the CAWUG meeting in downtown Chicago, if you're around and interested.

If you have ideas about what you'd be hoping to hear about on either topic if you were in the audience (and please come!), leave me a note in the comments and I'll see about working it in. [Read more…]
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Fri, Apr 9, 2010, 12:26pm iPhone 4.0 SDK Tidbits
1500 new APIs. 1500. Huge changes, huge opportunities, presuming you can get heard above the noise on the App store. It's not going to be available until summer for 3rd gen iPhone/iPod Touches, "many things" available for 2nd gen devices, and not available at all for 1st gen devices. The iPad gets it shortly thereafter. Dev beta out now.

Great to see Apple constantly firing on all cylinders. We're not always happy with all their decisions, but more often than not I'm quite happy with them, especially with what they provide developers. You can watch the keynote online. Nothing mentioned here wasn't mentioned in the keynote.

Here are some of the APIs that caught my eye that aren't getting much attention from elsewhere. [Read more…]
Fri, Dec 11, 2009, 3:04am Quick Ratings Fix for App Store
The ratings on the App Store have always been problematic, as all community-driven ratings systems on the internet are problematic. One very bad idea that Apple implemented was asking for ratings when a user deletes an app from their phone / touch. That this technique unduly skews ratings toward the 1-star side on lesser-used apps is evident when glancing thru the store. [Read more…]
So, for the 1st time since 2001, with the exception of when I moved, I'm allowing my Cube to go to sleep and sleep hard drives when idle. Yes, my trusty 500MHz G4 Cube, perhaps the single most reliable computer I've ever bought, serving up pages 24/7 for the last 8 years without a sound or a complaint (bought a few months before it was discontinued), is no longer my web and database server. It is now free to live a life of leisure and spiritual fulfillment.

The Cube was never the limiting factor on my web serving. The limiting factor was the DSL line that I was using from home. But I got fed up with the maximum speed that AT&T has forever cursed DSL customers who live near me and the high price being paid for it. So I switched to Cable for my home service, and am now sharing an dual-G5 Xserve, colocated at a place with a fat pipe to the net. The speed gains are probably obvious to anyone stopping by before and after. And all this is costing me less than before. A happy change. [Read more…]
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