Wed, Jul 29, 2009, 3:32pm Progress on the New Xserver
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verything in my web domains has been frozen for the last 3 weeks as I've been slowly moving everything to a friend's dual-G5 Xserve colocated in the area. Better bandwidth and higher speeds means that I'll also be able to try some web experiments that I've so far been unable to try out. The DNS is ready to start pointing people over there as soon as I get a few kinks worked out. Right now the hold-up seems to be getting some ObjC code to talk to the MySQL processes, which I'm hoping to get done today.

Apart from way better speeds for people visiting the sites I host, this whole move was catalyzed by my frustration with AT&T's slighting of residential customers. The DSL drop location is too far from where I live to get anything faster than 1.5M download without installing an expensive line just for me. This means all the DSL ISPs are just as stuck, even though I'm not unhappy with my ISP provider that I've had for the last 5 years (Covad). Apparently, because this is a residential neighborhood, it's not worth the money for AT&T to have more drop points in the area. I miss Ma Bell.

At any rate, the only other internet provider here is Comcast's cable service, so I went with that. I'm not a big fan of Comcast in general, but I'm really happy with this internet connection I have now. Huge difference. It's like when I went from modems to DSL years ago.

So, for the last couple of weeks I have both DSL and Cable here at home. As soon as I get moved over I can drop the DSL and home phone. I'm actually ending up saving money when you add up all the monthly costs by doing all this. So, faster serving, faster internet, less money. Yay.

As a side note: I love how perfectly smoothly my Macs live on both totally different networks at once. Wireless, ethernets, Bonjour networking, all without bugging me once about how they should connect. Seamless.

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