Fri, Apr 10, 2009, 12:53am 32G Used Already?
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k, so after 3 days my laptop is basically set up, but I haven't even done any productive work with it yet and I've already found 32 gigabytes of space on my drive gone! I mean, I have the dev tools and TeX on here, which takes up a lot of room, but 32G is more than I thought. Not a huge deal, just curious about it. So where'd all the space go? Step this way.

Using the fine Disk Inventory X program, I scanned the drive and here are some of the main pain points:
  • 5.5G for the developer tools and 4.1G in system files. Nothing to be done, just good to know the overhead here. 1G of the /Developer directory is documentation, but it's good to have all that.
  • 3.2G used just for printer drivers! 1.4G of that just for Epson printers. I don't have a single (working) printer currently, but plan to be buying one soon (suggestions?). I'll leave everything in here for now, but it's the first thing to go if drive space gets tight.
  • 2.1G in /Library/Application Support, but that seems fine, as it's all the iLife stuff.
  • GarageBand alone is half a gig, and that's not including the 1.3G sitting in the support files. If you never use it, this is a quick place to recover space. I have Logic Express (not on this machine), so not sure what I'll do here.
  • iWork is 554M. iLife as a whole, including support files, is about 3.5G. Crazy how big all these apps get, though I understand, given how much audio, images and effects are used.
  • TeX plus MySQL together take up about 2G of space. (In my opinion TeX is worth it, Pages or no.)
  • 3.0G is taken up purely for virtual memory space. This is just overhead of the system.

  • Really, that's all the big stuff. What I listed adds up to about 22G. The program lays out over 29G of the disk usage, which is close enough.

    So, all this brings my already relatively small 120G drive (which is really about 112G of usable space) down to about 80G, which should still be enough room to maneuver for a while. I don't plan on using this for media creation, mostly for programming, but somehow drives fill up in direct proportion to how long I use them, not as a function of what I'm doing with them. So it seems. At any rate, I hope this was interesting.

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