Fri, Apr 9, 2010, 12:26pm iPhone 4.0 SDK Tidbits
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500 new APIs. 1500. Huge changes, huge opportunities, presuming you can get heard above the noise on the App store. It's not going to be available until summer for 3rd gen iPhone/iPod Touches, "many things" available for 2nd gen devices, and not available at all for 1st gen devices. The iPad gets it shortly thereafter. Dev beta out now.

Great to see Apple constantly firing on all cylinders. We're not always happy with all their decisions, but more often than not I'm quite happy with them, especially with what they provide developers. You can watch the keynote online. Nothing mentioned here wasn't mentioned in the keynote.

Here are some of the APIs that caught my eye that aren't getting much attention from elsewhere.

  • Accelerate framework! I wonder how much hardware-acceleration will be available on the current devices, but it certainly means good things going into the future. Long available on the Mac, this provides some seriously helpful ("industry-standard" and more) math routines for graphic and scientific uses. Mostly, I'm looking forward to making use of this on the iPad.
  • Automated testing. This should be interesting to see how they implement this, but Steve mentioned that this is a tool that Apple uses currently to evaluate programs, so it should be very helpful for those of us who aren't able to afford real software testers.
  • Regular expressions! Written in small letters, but it's there. Better late than never. I'll be curious to find out how they're implementing it, and how deep it goes (can CoreData use it? for instance). Regex has always been around for Cocoa devs in the form of various frameworks out there, but it's nice to just have it standard. I presume this will also make its way to the Mac too.
  • A few others that caught my eye: Embedded PDF metadata; Draggable map annotations; "Full access to still and video camera data"

  • Sadly, this is all we can talk about in public, so download your SDK, check out the gigantic list of API changes and start daydreaming! Should be a very fun spring and summer of coding. And then hopefully we all get to Step 3: Big Profits.

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