Sat, Nov 3, 2007, 9:48pm Leopard Arrives
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#8230; not that I have time to play around with it until Monday. My ADC copy just came today, even though I already went to the bother of downloading and creating another install DVD. So I have a backup.

I've been able to run Leopard seeds for more than a year now, but having the GM version of it come out is something to savor and enjoy. Going to do a clean install. Going to clean my place up too. It'll be a very clean day. I'm hoping to do a series of articles about different aspects of the system. (I'm interested in any ideas for articles people have, as long as it's not a topic already being gone over well by others.)

BTW, I have 2 sticks of PC2700S RAM available, taken from two laptops during recent upgrades, if someone wants to buy one or both from me. One 256M and one 512M.

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