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Mon, Mar 1, 2010, 7:17pm 360iDev Coming Soon!
And I'll even be speaking at it, together with the mighty Joe Pezzillo of Metafy and Push IO fame (and all-around good guy). We're giving a talk on the subject of open source on the iPhone. If there are specific points that you would like us to address, feel free to leave a note and I'll take it all into consideration. If you're there, please be sure to say hi. Please consider going if you've never been! It's more intimate than the larger WWDC. The Mac/iPhone dev community is great, and this should be a very fun conference.

360iDev — "the Premier iPhone developer conference" (April 11-14)
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Thu, Mar 19, 2009, 1:56am iPhone SDK 3.0 Beta Night
So the beta is out, and it is good stuff. Developers have much to have fun with in here. Several things jumped out at me beyond what yesterday's presentation went over. I'm still updating the doc sets, but already taking the new sample code out for a spin. [Read more…]
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Mon, Sep 22, 2008, 1:03am iGraffiti Art: Volume III
Volume III of user contributions to the Art Space, all created using our iPhone app, iGraffiti. This set is from July 25th thru August 5th. There's no theme to this bunch, which may be all for the best. It's a random set showing interesting different directions. [Read more…]
Fri, Sep 5, 2008, 9:36am iGraffiti Art: Volume II
Volume II of user contributions to the Art Space, all created using our iPhone app, iGraffiti. This set is of works done in early July when the App Store had just been open a few days. [Read more…]
Thu, Aug 21, 2008, 11:36am iGraffiti Art: Volume I
Here are some great contributions from others to our Art Space, all created using our iPhone app, iGraffiti. Volume I will start out slow, with the early efforts that caught my eye, and then as the series continues, you'll see how the quality and techniques have grown over time. All these entries are by our users. [Read more…]
Thu, Aug 14, 2008, 12:50am Fun New Art Genre
I've been having fun with our iPhone program called iGraffiti. It's a paint program for the phone which allows you to also use photos as the backdrop to a painting. It perhaps doesn't sound impressive, but it's been an unexpected amount of fun to use and to watch others use. A big reason is due to the nice set of brush parameters which are available. We also have a public iGraffiti Art Space where users can upload their works straight from the phone for others to see. [Read more…]
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