Fri, Sep 5, 2008, 9:36am iGraffiti Art: Volume II
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olume II of user contributions to the Art Space, all created using our iPhone app, iGraffiti. This set is of works done in early July when the App Store had just been open a few days.

I'll start with these two subtle abstracts that caught my eye. I'm sure the artist was just experimenting with the brush strokes, but it shows some pleasant layering and a nice expressiveness with the intensity of the light. I hadn't really thought about the transparent brushes as so versatile before I noticed these early drawings. There is also a nice shadow effect created on the left image.

(I have no art training and not trying to be pretentious, this is just what I'm thinking when I look at these.)

The one of the left really impressed me, thinking that someone drew that with their finger. The one on the right isn't as subtle, but it's decent. The third one is really nice. I presume it used a real photo and then the artist dabbed in colors. Very effective.

I can only presume these images, done a few day apart from each other, were done by the same artist, but not sure. The use of the "blocky" brush stroke with a slow spread as the finger moves down the canvas gives a cool sea weed-like look, where the transparency seems to lend them a gentle motion, at least for the first and third of this series. I'm not sure just how the background texture of the first and third were done, especially at the top of the 3rd one.

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