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(Last updated: Thu, Aug 21, 2008, 12:17pm)
've been having fun with our iPhone program called iGraffiti. It's a paint program for the phone which allows you to also use photos as the backdrop to a painting. It perhaps doesn't sound impressive, but it's been an unexpected amount of fun to use and to watch others use. A big reason is due to the nice set of brush parameters which are available. We also have a public iGraffiti Art Space where users can upload their works straight from the phone for others to see.

I've been meaning to blog about this program for a while, but instead of one big post, I'll do a series of smaller postings about it. (I'll do a "making-of" iGraffiti post soon.)

I'm not saying the piece I'm presenting here rises to the level of art, but many of our posters have created quite nice pieces, which I'll highlight in future posts.

I created this image (all images are created with the artist's fingers) by taking a snapshot of a piece of real graph paper as the background. I then chose a thick black brush to create the outline of the figure from the outside in. I had messed up in several places, but used the "erase" color (which in this case exposes the background image as I use it) to fix parts of the figure and add fingers. (I know it's not great, but I wasn't going for anatomical correctness, just somethin fun.)

I then just added some hair with an electric yellow-green brush (the program allows users to pick the shadow color) and pop in a blue-yellow eye. Then, for unknown reasons, the bluish line.

Nothing spectacular, but it was very quick and created a semi-amusing image.

  • PeteB (Sun, August 17th, 2008, 7:26pm UTC)
    If I only had an iPhone, I would be downloading this right now!

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