Thu, Aug 21, 2008, 11:36am iGraffiti Art: Volume I
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ere are some great contributions from others to our Art Space, all created using our iPhone app, iGraffiti. Volume I will start out slow, with the early efforts that caught my eye, and then as the series continues, you'll see how the quality and techniques have grown over time. All these entries are by our users.

The one on the left is a fun abstract. The item on the right caught my eye because it pointed out that someone (who I believe becomes a regular contributor) started trying to do more serious kinds of drawing than we had anticipated.

Perhaps by the person who did #2 above, these two are by the same person, doing some sketches that make great use of transparent lines to allow the artist to make up for the inaccuracy of finger drawing to produce eye-popping images.

I'll end volume I with these two images. The one on the left is the first one I saw where someone would use black to blot out the background of a photograph to then allow the subject to come into a surreal scene. The one on the right is making a very cool pointillistic effect with big dots, perhaps having drawn this atop a real photo of an eye, I'm not sure.

Lots more coming. Thougths?

Link to Big Stone Phone's iGraffiti on the iPhone (only $5) available via the iTunes App Store here!

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