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Sun, Oct 7, 6:59pm Stack Overflow Fixer
Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange's page layout kinda bugs me. I never use or want the left or right columns, and often the code in the middle column is severely truncated, making it a bad experience for anything but the smallest of code discussions. So I opened the Javascript inspector and created a bookmarklet to fix the problem. Wish I had done this years ago. [Read more…]
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Mon, Dec 1, 2008, 4:50pm Twitter's Social Butterfly Effect
There's something about the psychological space people have given to their twittering time that naturally makes tweets evolve toward something like happy social small talk. It's like parties where you are talking to a group of not-quite-known size and interests, so the conversation is kept hip, optimistic and hopefully interesting. Tweets, even taken as a whole, are representative of something, but it's a heavy function of the social scene that is the microblogging world. [Read more…]
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Google really has an amazing service going with their Google Books. The only thing i'd strongly suggest to them is that they should spend more money to get more competent scans. I have noticed many fingers and even whole hands on scans of some book pages. It happens frequently too, not just once in a long while. I downloaded a bunch of books and about half of them have fingers or hands on at least a few pages. I really think this is a great service, but before they proclaim that all their scans are finished, they should really take a look at their quality control first. They have the cash, and workers who feel underpaid aren't motivated to do a careful job for a very rich company. [Read more…]
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