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Thu, Aug 2, 2007, 4:34pm Human Constraint Project (HCP)
I need a better name for this, but this is a project I was daydreaming about today: the Human Constraint Project. The goal is to form a group for the massive reduction in human population in a healthy way (psychologically, sociologically, intellectually). It is perhaps unrealizable, but you can never tell what you can accomplish until you try. It would be a group dedicated to studying ways in which one can get humans to voluntarily massively reduce their numbers in a peaceful, constructive way that greatly increases both the standard of living and the standard of living for the rest of the ecosystem.

Over-population is the one problem which, unless it is tackled, all other problems are unsolvable (global warming, despeciation, deforestation, pollution, etc).
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Sun, Nov 12, 2006, 7:29pm Baby Blues
I'm at my wits end thinking about population and the general destruction of the biosphere. There are way way too many people, and it's still growing exponentially. Yes, even in the U.S., and yes, even if you factor out all the immigration, legal or otherwise. The destruction of species is at such a huge rate I can't think about it often. Even without global warming, human beings have absolutely no collective sense of how to take care of this planet. And as I walk around my neighborhood I can see endless rows of baby strollers of different sorts, parents lifting them into SUVs, talking about how they're having more soon. [Read more…]
Thu, Jul 13, 2006, 2:45am Population / Environmentalism
Had an aggravating discussion the other day with someone who asked me "if I had time for the environment today." Of course, I do, as I waste far too much of my day on nonsense. But I wanted to ask him if he knew any environmental group that is trying to take on the issue of human over-population. He didn't know where I could look for such a thing, but also didn't see the correlation between population and concerns for the environment, which I can only attribute to his being a bit young and hasn't thought about these things from this angle before. But … if environmental groups don't seem to know the relationship (even if they don't state it outright for worry over public reactions) then what are they thinking? Gah. I plan on talking a lot more about population control at some point, but wanted to at least breach the topic today on here.
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