Wed, Sep 24, 2008, 4:48am McCain/Obama Chart
I just wanted to show people this chart if they haven't seen it. For some reason seeing the chart gives a better sense of things that just reading about it. I'm not sure where the image came from, but links to the data it was based on is found here and here. [Read more…]
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Thu, May 22, 2008, 7:50pm Small Government vs the World
Can someone explain to me how in the world those in favor of small government regulation in business can expect to protect the environment? It seems a fantasy to expect corporations to just be good world citizens on their own. Won't the financial motive always favor doing something for their own bottom line over doing something good for the planet?

Public / consumer education and outrage seems to make for a miniscule feedback system. People can't follow complex issues as a whole, and tire of hearing any message too often. They are also easy to fool into thinking they've done their part. Think of the people who buy brand new hybrid cars, oblivious to to the damage they continue to cause and typically not even considering doing something more serious than this trivial gesture.

We have a thousand years of detailed history of the interplay between companies and the environment, across many eras, fads, peoples, lands, etc, and I don't read any of it as showing evidence that an unregulated business community will on their own make the environment better than it is.

Pointing out one small set of companies or sectors here or there does no good. One must show that this is good for the whole of a country's businesses.
Thu, Aug 2, 2007, 4:34pm Human Constraint Project (HCP)
I need a better name for this, but this is a project I was daydreaming about today: the Human Constraint Project. The goal is to form a group for the massive reduction in human population in a healthy way (psychologically, sociologically, intellectually). It is perhaps unrealizable, but you can never tell what you can accomplish until you try. It would be a group dedicated to studying ways in which one can get humans to voluntarily massively reduce their numbers in a peaceful, constructive way that greatly increases both the standard of living and the standard of living for the rest of the ecosystem.

Over-population is the one problem which, unless it is tackled, all other problems are unsolvable (global warming, despeciation, deforestation, pollution, etc).
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Tue, Feb 13, 2007, 1:11am Eric Cantor: Huge, Dangerous Idiot
Let me present a transcript from Hardball between Chris Matthews, Eric Cantor (Republican Congressman of Virginia) and Steve Israel (Democratic Congressman of New York). It almost drove me berserk when I heard it on air. I almost can't believe that people can be elected to office without knowing the basics about the different branches of government and why they were set up that way. What on earth is wrong with people? [Read more…]
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Sat, Feb 10, 2007, 12:28am Mooninite Boston Invasion Hits Samples
Because Boston's emergency alert teams are really really bad at their jobs, someone who's actually good at his has to lose his job. Jim Samples (CEO of Cartoon Network) didn't deserve this. Why not fire the Boston officials who botched their responses up so badly? The same ads were in many other cities without setting off full-scale alerts. [Read more…]
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Sun, Nov 12, 2006, 7:29pm Baby Blues
I'm at my wits end thinking about population and the general destruction of the biosphere. There are way way too many people, and it's still growing exponentially. Yes, even in the U.S., and yes, even if you factor out all the immigration, legal or otherwise. The destruction of species is at such a huge rate I can't think about it often. Even without global warming, human beings have absolutely no collective sense of how to take care of this planet. And as I walk around my neighborhood I can see endless rows of baby strollers of different sorts, parents lifting them into SUVs, talking about how they're having more soon. [Read more…]
Thu, Nov 2, 2006, 4:55am U.S. 20-Somethings: VOTE
You talk a big talk, but you don't vote. Don't even bother saying, "Hey! I'm going to vote" because you probably won't. Worst excuses in the world include: 1) being turned off by the system; 2) disbelief that your vote matters in a system so bought-and-paid; 3) being ill-informed about the stuff to vote for; 4) it's only a mid-term, I can't vote for president. All crap reasons. It's not rocket surgery. It's the most casual, even enjoyable, thing you can do with a day. There's no time limit. It's painfully easy to do. [Read more…]
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