Sat, Feb 3, 2007, 4:09pm Web Standards Move On
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k, so it seems that browsers from 1995 don't view this site well at all. Mosiac 1.0.3, from 1994, doesn't even know what to do with URLs that don't start with "www," so can't even see these blog pages. (It seems in the later half of '95 they started to deal with them.)

Even viewing these pages on browsers as recently as from 2001 show problem with CSS rendering (though many things seem to be supported back then), but most browsers from that time period fail to display .png images, which I tend to favor. This a problem for anyone? I know that IE6 for Windows can't handle background transparency in png images, so I have in a few places manually put in the background color. (I'm really happy that browser's getting retired soon.)

Still, the issue of what to support is always a big deal. Once you make something and can view it on the machines that you test with, you'll never remember what machines you've left out. I know a few people still using Mac OS 8 or 9, and I realized the other day that most all of my web pages look terrible on those machines. Still, I'm not sure there's much to be done about it. Even some pure text-based browsers keep up with today's web standards.

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