Thu, Apr 2, 2009, 5:07pm Framework Rewrite Time
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his latest rewrite has been coming for a while, but things haven't lined up until now to start making progress on it. The current incarnation of the engine runs this website in addition to several others, and it works fine, but as with all programming projects, it becomes clear how things could be better and that they should be so. The new rewrite will be initially written in Python, taking the best from the current PHP and Objective-C versions, which are the two most mature versions currently in service. Each has gotten tweaks over the last couple of years that ended up being unique to them, but which all versions should benefit from.

Improvements were made (I think) to the way template files are handled which'll let this whole system get integrated into any other libraries that developers will want to work with. The framework itself is meant to be very minimal. As much as possible, it will try to include little by default and let developers use their favorite web tech along side.

The one frontier I have yet to really explore is a way to gracefully allow for a community module system, to let the system organically grow. Among the other unique aspects of this system is that it's mostly based on protocols, despite having a framework implementation to start with. The engines itself are replaceable, and usable from any language, including some platform-specific perks people may want to use. (I have a bunch of OS X tricks for it here.)

At any rate, I'll blather on more about as things progress.

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