Fri, Apr 8, 2011, 5:23pm Ok, Spring 2011 Can Start Now
just got back from a great conference, iPhone/iPad DevCon East out in Boston. I'm completely exhausted. I have no plans to do anything this weekend excepting some hard-core reclining and the occasional stroll. I'm not just exhausted from that, I'm exhausted from both winter and all that comes with it, and from the long amount of work that led up to the app BookHabit that I finally released about a week and a half ago. More about that in an upcoming post.

But the weather is taking a turn for the better, chilly and rainy as today might be, and I can sense spring is actually going to happen this time. There was a weather tease a few weeks back, but I knew it was only foreshadowing. At any rate, I declare spring. I can refresh my todo lists, recalibrate my goals, rearrange my office, etc.

First, a quick note about the conference. While I heard that BZMedia's Android conference was bigger, their iOS version, which I just came back from and I hope they continue, was a perfect size. It was just small enough to actually get to meet most all attendees, but enough people to get a wide variety of professions and interests showing up. I learned a ton from the other presenters as well, too much and too many good people to name here. Lots and lots of new friends made, which I hope to keep up with.

Boston was also a great city to visit, and I'm going to have to get back again there at some point. The oysters and the whole fish scene there is amazing. Very happy about that. Definitely go to the Island Creek Oyster Bar if you're there at some point. I also recommend 94 Mass Ave. Met some great Bostonians sitting at the bar having dinner at both places.

Tomorrow I'll try to start getting my blogging act together. I want to talk about the program I just wrote for iPhones / iTouches, and also get up a great website design by my friend Doug. I think it's also probably time that I alter the look of my blog's theme a bit too. I've grown tired of the current look.

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