Thu, Jan 24, 2008, 12:30am FileMerge and the Law
o I got a notice that Apple had changed their end user agreement with me and I had to sign off on it. Fine, but it's a long document, and it wouldn't be any fun to read through. But then I thought of using FileMerge to compare what's changed. Much more interesting. And very easy to see what's new.

Since the agreement was distributed in PDF format, I first simply copied the before and after text to a text document and saved, then got rid of the line breaks in paragraphs (since without this step, FileMerge makes it look like there were many more changes than actually took place). A few other minor touch-ups were needed (and took just seconds) to make things crystal clear.

I suspect the changes I do see are modifications spurred on by recent court cases, but I have no idea. Interesting none the less.

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